Summary of the 49th Annual Meeting of Shareholders

There were 54,147.0526 Shares of common stock represented in person or by proxy at the meeting. Which is 53.6% of the total issued and outstanding shares of common stock, and therefore, constituted a quorum for the meeting.
The final totals of votes cast, either by proxy or in person, as shown by the records of the balloting, are show opposite the respective names.

                           For Director                                                                Number of Votes

                           Jack A. Savo Jr                                                             44,646.4585

                           Sheila Schroeder                                                         65,485.2581

                           Kevin Tennyson                                                           46,426.0131

Therefore, Jack A. Savo, Jr., Sheila Schroeder, and Kevin Tennyson received the highest number of votes, represented by the stock of Shareholders present in person or by proxy at this meeting.



Early Bird

$1,050 – Natalia Wassilliey, New Stuyahok, AK
$500 – Sarah Nicole Schroeder, Dillingham, AK
$500 – Shirley Murphy, Anchorage, AK

Cash Prize

$250 – Rikki M M Johnson, Durango, CO
$250 – Samantha J Williams, Pfafftown, NC
$250 – Helen Lilian Curnutt, 14302 Huntington Beach, CA
$250 – Helena Angeline Schmitz, Anchorage, AK
$250 – Ruth Lee Berry, Soldotna, AK
$250 – Shea L Rupke, Lynden, WA
$250 – Jessica E J Bartman, Togiak, AK
$250 – Ariana Joyce Woods, Dillingham, AK
$500 – Alexander L Boykin, Dillingham, AK
$500 – Wayne W Kapotak, Dillingham, AK
$500 – Taylor M Myers, King Salmon, AK
$500 – Charlotte Lou Nixon, Apache Junction, AZ
$1,050 – Amber Roylee Webb, Aleknagik, AK
$1,050 – June W Hiratsuka, Blaine, WA
$1,050 – Michelle T Roehl, PO Box 266, Dillingham, AK
$1,050 – Donald E L Willets, Waianae, HI

Watch for a full update in the Fall Newsletter.

April McCormick