In December 1971, Congress enacted the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA). Under ANCSA, Choggiung, a native village corporation, received 161,280 acres of land in encompassing the greater Dillingham area and extending to Lake Nunavaugaluk, Silver Salmon Creek on the Dillingham Aleknagik Road, Muklung Hills, and land along the banks of the Nushagak River to Black Point.

After merging with Ekuk and Ohgsenakle (Portage Creek) villages, Choggiung’s land base was increased by an additional 138,240 acres in the area from Black Point to the confluence of the Iowithla and Nushagak River, encompassing land surrounding the village of Ekuk to Etolin Point and the mouths of the Snake and Igushik River to Nichols Hills.

Choggiung generally allows the use of its lands by shareholders and non-shareholders for subsistence and recreational activities such as berry picking, hunting, hiking and camping.  However, this year due to limited harvests, Choggiung’s board is limiting subsistence activities (including berry picking) to shareholders.  See this announcement.

Wood cutting is also permitted by shareholders, limiting harvest to dead or fallen spruce. We ask those that use our land to use it with consideration and respect.

Depending on your activity and location, a permit may be needed. Contact us for more information.

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