Welcome to Choggiung Limited

Choggiung, Limited, the Alaska Native village corporation for Dillingham, Ekuk and Portage Creek, is a for-profit corporation of more than 1,780 shareholders formed under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA).

Headquartered in Dillingham, Alaska, Choggiung and its subsidiaries are involved in commercial office leasing, apartment rentals, hotel operations (Bristol Inn), restaurant operations (Bayside Diner), outdoor adventures (HRM Sports, LTD), fire protection services (Inland Empire Fire Protection), gravel and rock sales, and land leasing.

Located in Southwest Alaska, Choggiung Limited derived its name from “Curyung”, a Yup’ik word loosely translated as the point where the clean and muddy waters meet. This was the name given to the point of land, later known as Dillingham, which provided access to both the Wood and Nushagak Rivers.