For the first time in Choggiung’s history, Descendants and Missed Enrollees will be able to apply for enrollment as Shareholders of the corporation! At the 48th Annual Meeting held on September 24, 2022, Shareholders passed a resolution to amend the Articles of Incorporation to issue new shares of settlement common stock to descendants of original shareholders and missed enrollees.

It was a long process with months of studies and preparation to bring open enrollment to a vote of the Shareholders of the corporation, and by the vote of current shareholders we will be working on a process to make it reality. Choggiung’s enrollment team is now spending time working through the details to ensure the application and verification process goes smoothly for new applicants and the corporation. Be patient, as with all good things, this stage will take some more time. Watch for announcements in the mail and on Facebook for the date when enrollment opens, and applications are made available. In the meantime, read more about qualifications and verification documents that will be required to enroll.

Shareholders have important responsibilities that are essential to the success of the corporation including voting on Choggiung leadership and other corporation issues. We are excited for future generations of shareholders who will strengthen the corporation by bringing new ideas, voices, and leadership.