I have read, Understand and agree to abide by all requirements and stipulations. I understand that failure to comply with stipulations and requirements may result in revocation of this permit. I agree all sales are final, no refunds of any kind. I agree to and acknowledge receipt of Choggiung Limited Individual Land Use Permit Requirements/Stipulations.

1. This permit is issued only for the period indicated and cannot exceed May 1 to September 30
2. This permit allows temporary uses only. The permit holder is responsible for cleanup of the campsite used. All improvements must be removed and the site returned to its original condition at the end of the permit period. Monuments, markers or other signs will not be disturbed.
3. No permit is transferable and may not be shared, rented, leased, assigned, or in any way encumbered.
4. No interest in Choggiung Ltd. Land is conveyed or established by this permit.
5. Choggiung Ltd. retains the right to deny, revoke or limit any permit at any time, with or without cause at the discretion of the land manager and without any recourse upon Choggiung Ltd. or subsidiaries.
6. The permittee must agree to abide by all requirements of the permit.
7. Choggiung Ltd. will not be liable, and will be indemnified and held harmless for any injuries or damages sustained as a result of the use under this permit.
8. Private campsites will be occupied on a first-come, first serve basis.
9.Garbage will be removed from the campsite – burying garbage is forbidden.
10. Timber that is dead and/or down is available for firewood. No clear cutting is allowed.
11. Use of firearms on-site will be limited to that necessary for protection or lawful hunting.
12. Fires will be contained (stove, campfire pit, etc.)
13. Courtesy zones, within which camping is not allowed, are established at the following locations: within 100’ of Portage Creek Village, within 100’ of the area known as Blood Beach, within 100’ of the water source located south of Portage Creek and the other places that are posted No Trespassing and in any areas determined to be historical sites, sensitive habitat or significant in other ways. A courtesy zone of approximately 300’ is recommended between neighboring camps.
14. Uses under this permit shall not interfere with subsistence fishing, berry-picking or other subsistence activities.
15. It is recommended that State of Alaska DEC regulations are adhered to for sanitation facilities and fresh water.
16. Fuel and other storage of hazardous materials shall be conducted according to the Department of Environmental Conservation requirements. Fuel and other hazardous materials shall not be stored in tanks buried below the surface. In no event shall waste fuel or other hazardous material disposal be a permissible activity on the property.
17. This permit is for the purpose of individual, non-commercial, private use. Commercial or “for charge” activities where the permittee generates revenues will require a commercial permit.
18. This permit is intended for a single camp of no more than the number of people indicated or a family. Additional permits may be required for larger groups.
19. Alteration of a permit or misrepresentation of permit information will be grounds for revocation and future denial.
20. Permit fees are:

Permit fees are:

Shareholder – No charge


Annual – Family: $240, Individual: $180
May 1 – July 31 – Family: $240, Individual: $180
Aug 1 – Sept 30 – Family: $1500, Individual: $1100


Family = 2 parents & children under 21 years of age.
Non-Resident = resides outside of Nushagak/Togiak Drainage.
Resident = has resided within the Nushagak/Togiak Drainage for the past twelve consecutive months.
Shareholder = shareholder or a direct blood descendant of BBNC or Choggiung Ltd.

Additional Fees: If purchased from a Choggiung Land Use Permit Agent while the agent is on patrol. Double Regular Fee
If asked to have Choggiung Limited bill for permit fee. $30 additional
To provide for enhanced Shareholder and/or private subsistence and recreation experience the Board of Directors adopted a policy to reserve corporate lands on the east channel above the point that is approximately 2 miles above Portage Creek for private camps only. The policy further provides that private camps in this geographic area may remain in place for an extended period of time (not to exceed the permit period of May-September) as long as they generally appear to be occupied or used on a regular basis. The policy shall be implemented through a phased through attrition approach.
In short:
•private camps are allowed generally anywhere
•excludes Native Allotment or other private parcels
•no commercial permits will be issued in the non-commercial zone
•camps may remain in place for an extended period in the non-commercial zone
•camps are not required to be occupied on a daily basis in the commercial zone but must be generally used on a regular basis (every weekend, once a week, etc.)
•in any case, permit holders are encouraged to make camps secure as Choggiung will not be liable for loss, damage or injury sustained under a permit.

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This permit must be presented to any law enforcement personnel, Public Safety personnel, VPSO or Choggiung Limited employee upon request.