DILLINGHAM, December 12, 2022Choggiung Limited and Alaska Commercial Company
(AC) are pleased to announce that AC will be acquiring the N&N Market in Dillingham from
Choggiung Limited, effective December 20, 2022. With this acquisition, AC will expand on its
offering to Dillingham and the Bristol Bay region.

Throughout 2023, AC plans to invest over $1 million dollars on renovations in Dillingham. The
work includes a remodel of N&N to convert the 18,000 square foot facility into a general
merchandise store and retail marketplace, a new full-service deli/bakery in the main AC store,
and the conversion of AC’s current general merchandise store into a warehouse. The warehouse
will allow AC to keep a large backstock of products and to use the barging season to stockpile
shelf-stable products at a lower cost for sale throughout the year. Overall, this acquisition will lead
to an improvement in shopping experience for Dillingham and surrounding community residents.

”The sale represents a new beginning for the store and continuation of the legacy of N&N Market,
just under a new banner” said Choggiung President & CEO Cameron Poindexter. “To help keep
the history of this locally owned and operated business for over 45 years alive, we’d like to invite
community members to share photos of notable events, like construction or visits from famous
people with us so that we can support AC paying tribute to this long time Dillingham institution.”

“We are excited to be able to expand our product and service offering in Dillingham,” said AC
President Kyle Hill. “We plan to ensure a seamless transition as we take ownership of N&N and
will be extending employment offers to all N&N staff. We will also launch a monthly shareholder
shopping day with a 10% discount for all Choggiung shareholders and a daily elder discount.”

Choggiung Limited is the largest village corporation in the Bristol Bay region with more than
2,400 shareholders and is headquartered in Dillingham, Alaska. AC is the longest-serving retail
chain in Alaska with over 150 years selling groceries and general merchandise in 35 stores
across rural Alaska.

For more information, please contact:

Cameron Poindexter
President, Choggiung Limited

Kyle Hill
President, Alaska Commercial Company