48th Annual Meeting of Shareholders

Choggiung Limited would like to thank shareholders who participated in the in-person, live virtual, and telephonic 48th Annual Meeting of Shareholders held on September 24, 2022. We appreciate your attendance and participation in the meeting!

Honored Elders born in the year 1949 were:  Steven Bennis, Sharon Bullock, Ellamae Chaney, Ethel Dybdahl, Anna Ennis, Bertha Golia, Alice Iverson, Mary Lockett, Linda Mayer, Jeff Moxie, Shirley Murphy, and Nancy Seaver.

Employee Recognition:  Warren Downs was recognized for 10 years of employment with Choggiung Limited

Board Member Recognition:  Thomas Tilden was honored for his 34 years of service on the Choggiung Limited and Subsidiaries Board of Directors.

Shareholder Awards:  The 2022 Shareholder of the Year was awarded to Barbara Riley Asher and the 2022 Student of the Year was awarded to David Wetter.

Results of Votes Cast as shown by Records are:

Jean Barrett                                 32,439.4688

Frank G Woods III                         31,246.3901

Carmell Engebretson                  31,207.5133

Niel Smith                                    26,888.9932

Congratulations to Jean Barrett, Frank G Woods III, and Carmell Engebretson who were elected to serve 3-year terms on the Choggiung Limited Board of Directors.

Descendant Enrollment Vote Results:

Yes  –  20,269.0247

No   –  13,312.8189

Therefore, Descendant Enrollment passed with 60.36% voting Yes.


$250 Early Bird – Amber Roylee Webb
$250 Early Bird – Iris Janelle Bowers
$250 Early Bird – Charlene K Roehl
$250 Early Bird – Alec Stephen Halford
$500 Early Bird – Robert J Gould
$500 Early Bird – Joshua Mark Miller
$150 – Morgan E LaRocque
$150 – Samuel Wayne Schroeder
$150 – Nelda Joyce Gattenby
$150 – Daisee Annamarie Rector
$150 – Heidi Marie Gould
$150 – Frank G Woods III
$200 – Emma Wetter
$200 – Leo L Roehl
$200 – Patricia Buholm
$200 – Geneva M Hobson
$200 – Hailey E Roehl
$250 – Tiana-Nicole K Heyano
$250 – Harriet Susan Barnes
$250 – Ludwig Ole Hansen
$250 – Ida Marie Backford
$300 – Constantine NG Gust
$300 – Delores M Ayotte
$300 – Danny Wassily
$500 – Victor George Sifsof III
$500 – Summar D Roehl
$1,000 – Gerald L Thomas