2021 Shareholder Dividend

Choggiung Limited’s Board of Directors and staff recognize the difficult financial circumstances that many shareholders are experiencing from loss of work and uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 epidemic. In 2018, Choggiung’s Board approved a dividend policy to pay predictable and ever-increasing dividends. While the epidemic is causing some financial uncertainty in our business, we feel it is most important to provide benefit to our shareholders during this unprecedented event.

Following Choggiung’s approved dividend policy, the Choggiung Limited Board of Directors and Choggiung, Limited Settlement Trust Board of Trustees authorized a contribution to the Settlement Trust and distribution to shareholders in the amount of $1.96 per share which was paid on April 23, 2021.  This represents a 25% increase from the distribution paid one year ago.

We wish our Shareholders the best in this stressful time.

Tish Olson