46th Annual Meeting of Shareholders

Choggiung Limited would like to thank all who were able to participate in the first ever virtual and telephonic 46th Annual Meeting of Shareholders held on September 26, 2020. We appreciate your participation in voting and attending the virtual meeting!

Honored elders born in the year 1947 were:  Henry Roehl, Claudia Hood, Mary Hake, Leroy Wallona, Mary Pagano, John Agibinik, Loren Staup, Judy Wallona, Sonya Faraci, Elizabeth Cox, Mary Ingram, Russell Fielding, and Evangelina Dessert.

Employee Years of Service: April Roehl, Finance Director for 35 years, Bill Probst, Snake Lake Lodge Caretaker for 5 years and Ryan Giordono, Bayside Diner Cook for 5 years.

Board Member Years of Service: Olga Kropoff was honored for her 15 years of service on the Choggiung Limited and Subsidiaries Board of Directors.

The 2020 Shareholder of the Year was awarded to Tiera Schroeder and 2020 Student of the Year was awarded to Abbey Whitcomb. If you see these two, please congratulate them on their accomplishments!

The results of the votes case as shown by the records are:

Candidate                                            Votes

Jack A. Savo Jr.                                  43,227.7569

Kevin Tennyson                                 37,871.9684

Sheila Schroeder                               58,642.2986

Congratulations to the candidates who were elected to serve 3-year terms on the Choggiung Limited Board of Directors: Jack Savo Jr., Kevin Tennyson, and Sheila Schroeder.  

Congratulations to the VOTING CASH PRIZE WINNERS!

$500 Early Bird                      John D. Bennis

$500 Early Bird                      Daniel M Noden, Jr.

$500 Early Bird                      Ryan S Murphy

$500 Early Bird                      Jennifer L Hercules

$250 Early Bird                      Evan M Petla

$250 Early Bird                      Seth D Thomas

$1,000                                     Fannie A Woodall

$1,000                                     Norman N Johnson, II

$1,000                                     Mishelle M Johnson

$1,000                                     Carl R Nelson, Sr.

$500                                        Ludwig S Johnson

$500                                        Charlene F Savo

$500                                        Steven C Nicholson

$500                                        Anecia I N Gust

$300                                        Bertha Kuzakin

$300                                        Daniel R Demientieff, Jr.

$300                            James P Brandon

$300                            Mary Bartman

$250                            Harold R Samuelson, Jr.

$250                            LouAnn Backford

$200                            Michael N Nixon

$200                            Mike E Egeland

$200                            Freeman A Roberts, IV

$200                            Todd A Dancer

$150                            Everette E Anderson

$150                            Sassa A Dunn

$150                            Blanche E Driscoll

$150                            Margaret D Schroeder

Tish Olson