45th Annual Meeting of Shareholders

Choggiung Limited would like to thank all who were able to participate in the 45th Annual Meeting of Shareholders held on September 25, 2019 in Dillingham. Whether you participated in person or by proxy, we appreciate your participation in the process.  

Honored elders born in the year 1946 were:  Gloria Brown, Helen Foster, Mary Griggs, Karla Jeffers, Matilda Johnson, Hazel Schroeder, Olga Knapp, Mary Lopez, Suzanne Loveless, Yolanda Nelson, Jeanie Olsen, Gladys Poole, Raymond Thorson, and Charley Timmerman Jr.

The 2019 Shareholder of the Year was awarded to Amber Webb and Student of the Year was awarded to Jesse Noden. If you see these two, please congratulate them on their accomplishments!

Congratulations to the CASH PRIZE WINNERS:

$500 Early Bird               Sonja A Stoker

$250 Early Bird               Carole A Marshman

$500 Online Voting         Zachary M Brookover

$500 Online Voting         Marion L McArthur

$150      Sophie A Petla  

$150      Johanna Darrough

$200     Carmell A Engebretson

$200     Patricia R Buholm

$250    [Elena H Kapotak]

$300     Thomas A Demoski

$300     Donallen P Willets Jr.

$500     Barbara E Bodnar

$1000   Gayla M Hoseth

$1000   Richard  Hirastuka

Tish Olson